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The Gupta Group Presents – Holiday Helpers 2014!

It is the time of year for the Holiday Helpers Drive, but with a flair……

Last Year….

Our GTA Hotels participated in the Holiday Helpers Drive and it was a huge success! Each hotel created their own Signature drop box  from Christmas Scenes to a Fireplace! Holiday Helpers helped 355 families with our contributions. Our donation allowed families to have a happy and spirited Holiday Season. Attached are some thank you letters from grateful families.

The 2014 Edition….

We are making your challenge more interesting!  Your hotel needs to preside over the HOLLY TRINITY OF CHALLENGES!

The hotel that wins all 3 Challenges will be announced, get bragging rights and take home the coveted EASTON’S CUP!!! The Trophy will be engraved with the year and the winning hotel’s name, and be housed at the winning hotel for 6 months! The winning hotel will also be the first to get EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION Gupta Group t-shirts for their team.

The Challenge!

Your hotel must produce a unique holiday video, show us the developer in you and create your own Holiday Drive Box and of course raise the most goods in order to win the coveted EGH Charity Cup!

For our sister hotels outside of the GTA!

We would like to encourage to participate in the Holiday Drive by supporting a local charity. If your local charity needs a donation box, please follow the same rules as above. If not, please do submit a video and take photos of all the goods raised in order to be eligible to win!

Last year, you all participated in your own local drives and it was beautiful and thoughtful!

For all of the details and rules of engagement, please see the attachment.