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EGH 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games Fundraiser! June 30 to July 31, 2015

Introducing the EGH 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games Fundraiser!

For the second year in a row the Easton’s Group is teaming up with WaterAid Canada to help provide clean water and safe sanitation to those in need! This year the Easton’s group is raising funds to support work in the northern coastal regions of Nicaragua. With the support of the Easton’s Group, WaterAid is providing safe drinking water and safe sanitation facilities to thousands of people.

Currently 3 million Nicaraguans don’t have a safe place to relieve themselves, and over 900 000 don’t have access to simple, safe drinking water. As a result women and children, especially girls spend hours every day fetching dirty water, time they could be spending in school, or farming. In Nicaragua this year, 300 children will die from diarrhea alone. WaterAid is working in the Northern Atlantic Autonomous Region, and so far they’ve reached 6800 people with clean drinking water, and over 4000 people with safe sanitation. This year, they’re ready to upscale this project to reach thousands more people! Let’s make this happen! To learn more about WaterAid and the Nicaragua program, please visit:

The GOAL for all of our Easton’s Group hotels raise the most donations over the dates of June 30 to July 31, 2015. All of our hotel team members and guests will be asked to make a donation while also having fun supporting the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games. Everyone is geared up to participate, donate and celebrate! Online donations can be made at:

In the past, we had set that every Friday, staff can wear the jersey of the country/team they are supporting. But this year, the fundraiser is open to creativity!!! Each hotel can use different methods to raise funds.


The hotel that raises the most funds for WaterAid will take home the coveted EASTONS CUP!!! The Trophy will be engraved with the year and the winning hotel’s name, and be housed at the winning hotel for six months! Who will take it home? Last year’s World Cup Fundraiser’s winner was RESIDENCE INN TORONTO DOWNTOWN! Let’s see who it will be this year!

Attached you will find the Donation Tracking Form and Information Brochure that can be shared with your staff. Also included is a Poster you can display at your properties.